In the United States, there are over 19,600 airports; about 5,000 are public, while over 14,000 are private. While many public airports are often inconvenient and hard to access, there are also many smaller, regional airports that can be easier to fly with than larger, commercial airports. If you are in Springfield Illinois and are looking for the closest airport, then look no further than Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. Below are some FAQs about Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport and its services. Find additional information about the Terminal on our Terminal page .

General Questions

What is the Airport code (identifier)?

The Airport code is SPI.

How Big Is Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport?

The airport covers approximately 2,300 acres, with three runways. It is also the seventh busiest airport out of the 12 commercial airports in the state of Illinois.

What time does the airport open?

Airport Terminal Facility Door B opens 90 minutes before the first scheduled departure and closes each night at 11:30 p.m. or after the last flight arrival.

Are there food options prior to security screening?

Vending machines are located across from the Security check point

Is there an ATM located at the airport?

There is an automatic teller machine located at door B

What passenger services are available?

The Passenger Service Center and Gift Shop is located in the main terminal. The on-site Passenger Service Center allows you to make reservations, purchase tickets, find your airport flight schedule and connections, answer questions about Springfield, and more. If you are a member of the FlySPI Sky Club, you can also receive first class service and amenities.


Flight & Airline Questions

What airlines fly out of Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport?

Springfield is currently served by 3 airlines. Allegiant offers non stop flights to Punta Gorda FL, American Eagle offers flights to Chicago IL (O'Hare) with connections nation and worldwide. Breeze Airways flies non stop to Orlando FL (Orlando International) and Tampa FL (Tampa International Airport)

How do I find my airport flight schedule?

To find your airport flight schedule contact your air carrier for the most updated information.

How early should I arrive at the airport before my flight?

The terminal opens 90 minutes before the first scheduled departure. If you have checked luggage, be sure to check in at least 60 minutes prior to departure. The terminal closes at 11:30 pm or after the last flight arrives.

It is recommended that you arrive 60 minutes prior to departure for check-in and security screening. Allow more time during peak travel periods and inclement weather.

Can I accompany a passenger through security screening to the boarding area?

Yes, under certain conditions. If a passenger requires an escort due to disability or age, an escort must obtain a security pass. Speak with the ticketing agent upon check-in.

What kind of photo identification is accepted when checking-in for my flight?

A valid and current government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or military ID is accepted. Children under the age of 12 are not required to show identification. The absence of proper identification will result in additional screening.

How can a passenger request a wheelchair?

You may request assistance during the reservation process or tell your ticket agent upon check-in

May I take my electronic devices such as laptop, cell phone, pager through screening?

These items can go through screening. However, please be prepared to turn them on and operate them for the security screening personnel.

How can I calculate trip costs?

To compare the total cost of your trip, Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport has a true cost calculator to help you save time and money. Simply visit our website and enter your information to help you make the best booking decisions for your trip.


Parking & Ground Transportation Questions

What are the parking options/rates at the airport?

Parking is free at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. Get the details.

Is there shuttle service from the airport to downtown?

Many of the hotels have shuttle service to and from the airport.

Are rental cars available?

Several rental car companies offer services at Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. They are located at the east end of the terminal. Rental car companies include Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, National Car Rental, Alamo Car Rental, and Enterprise Car Rental. Get more information.


Security Questions

What documents are required at the Security checkpoint?

You will be required to show your boarding pass and a photo ID or visit for the latest information

Where can I find a list of approved and prohibited carry-on items?

The Transportation Safety Administration’s (TSA’s) web site provides abundant security tips and is an informative resource about the items you can and can’t bring on board an airplane. Click on the link above or visit

Who do I contact regarding items lost at the airport?

The Springfield Airport Authority Department of Operations 217-788-1081.