Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport® Awarded Airport Business 2024 Projects of the Year – Sustainability Following Landmark Solar Project with Veregy


February 14, 2024
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport® Awarded Airport Business
2024 Projects of the Year – Sustainability Following Landmark
Solar Project with Veregy

Springfield, IL – In a monumental recognition of its innovative strides in sustainability and economic efficiency,
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (KSPI), in collaboration with energy and sustainability leader Veregy, is honored
to announce its selection as the Airport Business 2024 Projects of the Year – Sustainability. This prestigious
accolade comes on the heels of the airport's completion of a transformative 2.88 MW solar initiative, further
solidifying its nomination and award for the Airport Business 2024 Projects of the Year – Sustainability.
This groundbreaking solar project, encompassing six arrays across three strategic sites, represents a significant
leap toward sustainable airport operations and financial stability. Completed in March 2023, it is distinguished as
Illinois' largest airport-owned solar array dedicated to net metering, marking a new era of green innovation in
aviation infrastructure.
       Frank J. Vala, Chair of the Springfield Airport Authority Board of Commissioners said, “We are very appreciative of
this honor and are grateful for relationships that were created and further developed as a result of this project.
We did not just pursue some project that returned some passive revenue for the sake of ‘sustainability’; we set
out to provide significant long-term value (lower electric rates and renewal energy) for a prime airport stakeholder,
StandardAero, while creating a long-term source of revenue for the Authority that well outpaces what a simple
land lease could have generated.” He concluded, “All who contributed to this project are to be commended as
this project is a perfect example of our exhaustive efforts to support a major employer, which now allows them to
plan for future growth in our community.”

A Testament to Visionary Leadership and Environmental Stewardship
       The Airport Business 2024 Projects of the Year – Sustainability award is a testament to Abraham Lincoln Capital
Airport's commitment to pioneering environmental practices and operational excellence. By dramatically reducing
electricity costs for essential accounts by over 90% and establishing innovative net metering solutions, the airport
has set a new standard for integrating sustainability into its core operations.
Innovative Solutions Driving Sustainable Success
       The project's innovative approach, leveraging strategic solar installations and FAA permit conversions for net
metering, underscores the airport's forward-thinking methodology. These efforts enhance revenue potential and
contribute significantly to environmental conservation, aligning with the airport's comprehensive green initiatives.

Project Highlights:
- A robust 2.88 MW Solar Array project featuring ground and roof-mounted installations.
- A $6 million investment, supported by significant funding from the Illinois SREC program and third-party
financing through Balance Solar.
- Expected 20-year savings of $6.7 million, with a 30-year projection of revenue and savings of
$14.1 million.
- An impactful reduction in carbon footprint, equivalent to significant environmental savings annually.
       The selection of Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport as the Airport Business 2024 Projects of the Year – Sustainability
underscores its exceptional achievements in sustainability and financial management. This solar project
demonstrates the airport's innovative approach to environmental stewardship and inspires airports globally,
aiming to harmonize operational success with sustainability. Additionally, this project received similar accolades
from the Illinois Public Airport Association and the Great Lakes Chapter of American Association of Airport

About Veregy
Veregy is an award-winning NAESCO-accredited decarbonization company focusing on accelerating and simplifying
the Energy Transition. We provide turnkey engineering and construction services designed to reduce our clients’
energy and operating costs by implementing energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades, smart building
technology, fleet EV infrastructure, clean energy generation, and sustainability.

About Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport was named the 2020 Primary Airport of the Year by the Illinois Department of
Transportation. In 2021 IDOT released an Economic Impact study indicating Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport
generates $370.8 million in total economic output annually for the local economy, impacting 2,630 jobs. The
airport is home to many major tenants that include the Illinois Air National Guard’s 183rd Wing, StandardAero
MRO, IDOT’s Division of Aeronautics, Lincoln Land Community College’s LRS Aviation Maintenance Training Center,
Illinois Army National Guard and Stellar Aviation. The airport’s main passenger terminal is also home to the
Passenger Service Center and Sky Club, a membership-based club offering added benefits for frequent travelers.
Commercial passenger air service offerings feature daily service to Chicago O’Hare International Airport on
American Airlines, flights to Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda, Florida on Allegiant, and flights to Tampa and Orlando, Florida
on Breeze Airways. More information can be found at www.FlySPI.com or by calling the Passenger Service Center
at 217-788-9200.
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