What You Should Know About ACLA’s TSA Pre-Enrollment Services

January 29, 2020

Flying on an airplane can be stressful for many, but an even greater number of flyers hate the delays associated with long TSA lines. Not only can these interactions cause stress, but they can also eat up the valuable time you have before boarding your flight. It’s no wonder most major airlines recommend arriving at the airport almost four hours early.

While these airports cannot admonish TSA protocols, they have found simple ways to make the TSA checking process easier. Through ACLA’s new TSA Pre-Enrollment Services, you can skip the line and get to what’s important: namely, enjoying the free Wi-Fi before your flight.

Jokes aside, these helpful services allow frequent fliers to leave on their shoes and streamline the bag-checking process. While it isn’t uncommon for new fliers to forget to bag their liquids, veteran fliers with plenty of experience passing through TSA are unlikely to make such costly mistakes. That’s why the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport has officially teamed up with IDEMIA to offer Pre-Check services for frequent flyers.

The Benefits of TSA Pre-Enrollment Services

There is a multitude of benefits you can experience now that we’re offering this streamlined service. Not only will you be able to enter an expedited TSA line, but you can also get your passport photo taken and renew pre-check services you’ve gained from other airports. In most cases, you won’t even have to remove your laptop and other electronics from your bag. By investing in this new service at your local central Illinois airport, you can rest assured that long TSA lines will be a thing of the past. According to the TSA Pre-check website, most flyers are able to get through TSA in five minutes or less.

This is also essential in our increasingly connected world. As more people begin to fly and travel, these lines are only expected to get worse. With a growing number of airlines adopting similar programs as your central Illinois airport, you can experience expedited TSA lines around the country.

Best of all? Walk-ins are accepted if you forget to make an appointment. Keep in mind, however, that appointments are the best way to receive our services and ask any questions you may have. Our doors are open from eight in the morning until noon every Tuesday and Thursday. This is just one of the many ways we hope to better serve you.

Contact Us for More Information Today

Between our Fly SPI club members and TSA Pre-Enrollment Services, it’s no wonder that the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport has been Illinois’ number one option for flying. When you want more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to the central Illinois airport you can trust: the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport. Contact us today at 217-788-9200. We look forward to hearing from you.