Oops. American Airlines Flight Attendant Dumps Beverages On American Airlines CEO

April 25, 2019

You’ve all had rough days at work. Probably some rough days traveling for work, too. As much as Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport strives to make your experience as excellent as possible, there are certain things out of our control that can make an airport or airline experience less than desirable.

Airline workers and passenger services personnel commonly experience the ire of grumpy travelers and heroically do so with a smile. One flight attendant from American Airlines recently took the prize for having a bad day at work. While we have 900 cute, fuzzy canine colleagues working hard to detect explosives around the nation, the number of flight attendants making sure your flight goes without hitch are service industry professionals who are rarely thought of.

Maddie Peters, a 28-year-old flight attendant for American Airlines was serving drinks on a flight from Phoenix to Dallas. The crew had been notified that American Airlines CEO Doug Parker would be aboard their flight. Always professional, a heads-up like this definitely puts the pressure on.

While Peters was serving beverages in First Class, where Parker was sitting, a passenger in front of her stopped mid-aisle and stepped backward. Colliding with her, the tray of beverages Peters was carrying went sailing from her hands right onto the CEO of American Airlines. In what we could imagine would’ve been a slow-motion, life-flashed-before-my-eyes experience, she had lived her nightmare.

“I wanted to drop dead right there,” she wrote later in an Instagram post with Parker.

Apparently a man of great humor, when she asked if she was fired he laughed and replied: “of course not.” After getting cleaned up, he came back to the galley where the flight attendants congregate to make sure she knew that everything was totally fine. Then, they naturally took a picture together.

He told Peters that he’d never forget her. The collective flight information from her job as a flight attendant over the last four years has brought her across the world to 32 countries. She jested that over that time, she’d definitely made an impression on someone.

Just another day on the job.