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Essential Tips for Air Travel During Summer 2020

August 11, 2020

As Americans try to adapt to the new normal, more and more families are still planning for their unique summer vacations. While approximately one billion U.S. passengers fly on different airlines annually, the Novel virus has grounded most domestic and international flights. Some airlines have enforced strict protocols to ensure passenger safety. As you go through the Springfield Illinois airport flight schedule to book your trip, here are a few tips to help make air travel less of a hustle.

1. Travel Through Less Busy Airports

Travel during this pandemic has systematically shifted, as more passengers get to worry about their safety. Choosing less busy airports such as the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport may help you apply social distancing rules better. Additionally, the airports have markers and staggered lines that help enforce the new directives. The airports are also cleaner with regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

2. Take Advantage of the Cheaper Flights

Leisure demand continues to rise, as hotels in Florida and Nevada book 60% to full capacity as the summer progresses. Domestic flight prices fell drastically in March and April as airlines fought for the few passengers. You can take advantage of the discounted rates as you plan for your next summer destination. Choosing to travel with Springfield Allegiant flights and other airlines may help you save thousands in travel costs for you and your family.

3. Check out the Springfield Illinois Airport Flight Schedule

One of the first steps to take before embarking on your summer trip is to check the airport flight schedules. As airlines try to revive all the domestic flights, your preferred flight may be canceled or changed. Contact your airline to determine the status of your flight. The Springfield Illinois Airport flight schedule may help you plan for your travels more effectively.

4. Newer Check Protocols May Lead to Longer queues

The TSA released new guidelines to be effected in all domestic airports for the safety of both passengers and staff. Passengers may be required to scan their boarding passes and remove all prohibited items from the bags themselves. While these measures limit direct contact, they may inevitably lead to longer lines. Makes sure to factor in the time spent on the line as you await your flight.

5. Learn About New Face Mask Protocols

The TSA directed that all staff must have their face masks on during their work shifts. Passengers are encouraged to put on a face covering as they enter the airports for checkouts. Many airlines are now changing their policy on masks, and now require their customers to wear them before boarding their flight. However, you are still encouraged to liaise with your airline to avoid any surprises on the day.

6. Maintain Social Distance

While it may be difficult to attain the 6-feet social distance within a plane, most airlines continue to implement measures that protect their passengers. Some have new protocols that limit the number of passengers set to board the aircraft by eliminating the middle seats. Passengers need to maintain social distance while navigating through public places such as the airport.

As this unique summer progresses, you may need to travel for business or even for other purposes. The tips above may help you keep safe as well as enjoy a smooth flow while taking your flight. For more information, you can consult the Springfield Illinois airport flight schedule.