4 Things to Do If Your Flight Is Delayed or Canceled


You don’t need to worry about your safety when flying anymore. Small and large airports alike have taken precautions in order to ensure that travelers are safe as possible, as have airlines. The TSA is there to ensure that those traveling are boarding planes as safely as possible, and there are currently over 900 dogs working throughout airports in order to detect potential explosive devices. You can sit and wait for your flight to begin boarding without anxiety. But what happens if your flight is delayed? Or worse, what happens if it’s canceled?

Every airline may handle canceled or delayed flights on a case by case basis, but there are things that you should do if this happens to you, whether you’re following the Springfield Illinois airport flight schedule or a flight schedule found at another airport like JFK or LaGuardia. With that being said, let’s explore the practices that you should follow when your flight has been canceled or rescheduled.

1. Know Your Rights

Firstly, when following the Springfield Illinois airport flight schedule, you need to be aware of your rights when a flight is delayed or canceled. Your airline will actually have what is known as a contract of carriage, which you can refer back to if your flight is delayed or canceled. The contract of carriage is the legal agreement between you and your airline, and it outlines your specific rights.

Right now, there are laws that require domestic or international airlines to accommodate you if a flight is delayed or canceled. However, many of them will still offer help, even if a weather incident or an act of God is at hand. This has been seen in light of the COVID-19 pandemic in particular. As flights are canceled unexpectedly, many airlines offer free flight rescheduling, waiving penalties and fees when flights are rebooked. Additionally, many issue flight vouchers so that travelers can book a new flight within a reasonable amount of time. Not all airlines will offer these benefits, but if you look into your contract of carriage and read reviews of airlines before booking with them, you can have a better idea of what you’ll be able to do.

2. Act Quickly

You need to stay aware of the Springfield Illinois airport flight schedule when waiting for your flight to take off. The sooner you’re aware of a delay or cancelation, the more quickly you can act to remedy your trouble.

Get in touch with your travel agent and travel insurance provider if you obtained the services of either. You can then attempt to rebook through your airline’s app, by phone, or by speaking directly to an airline representative at the airport. But don’t sit and wait around for the issue to resolve itself.

3. Rely on Websites

There are third party sites that can help you figure out the best course of action when your flight is rescheduled or delayed. You can use these resources to get yourself the best possible deal when rebooking. This is applicable if you’re working off of a Springfield Illinois airport flight schedule, or a flight schedule based in a larger central Illinois airport.

Some of the best websites for you to use as you’re looking for a good alternative flight include Google Flights and Skyscanner, as they will give you access to all airline schedules.

4. Know Your Partner Carriers

Typically, most airlines will also have partner carriers. This is especially important to consider if you’re traveling internationally. If an American airline cannot honor a flight, their partner airline in a different country could offer a flight to travelers in need.

It’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed if your flight is canceled. But you do have options, and you shouldn’t forget that. Don’t give up; move forward and get a new flight or a voucher.

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