Tips to Pass Through Airport Security Faster and Safer


Air travel is one of the most common and dependable forms of transport in the United States. It is estimated over 2.7 million passengers fly in and out of U.S. airports every day. As a passenger, you want to have the most comfortable air travel by respecting your flight schedule and have nothing to worry about in the long run. This, however, means passing through the security checks on time and avoid the unpredictable protocols seen in many airports recently. Security checks are mandatory, but if you’re not prepared, they can be the reason you miss your flight too. So how do you pass through airport security faster and safer?

Have Your Pass Ready

As far as your flight preparation is concerned, your passport, IDs, and boarding pass are necessary. Your passport or ID and boarding pass should be in reach and available when needed. Whether the pass is saved as a digital copy or a print, ensure you make it available for the security officers. It can be stressful when you have to go through your bag looking for the ticket while there is a line of disgruntled passengers behind you. Your IDs and tickets should be in a quick-access area but secure.

Dress Well

Being conscious about your flight schedule means dressing well to save time during the security checks. Remember that security procedures differ with the airports. It is important to be gracious, patient, and respectful during security checks. You might be called upon to remove your shoes, among other inconvenient requests. Your dressing should include slip-on shoes, garments with less metallic trims, no or minimal jewelry, or pants with no metallic buttons. The purpose of dressing well is to avoid setting off the scanner, alarm the security officers, and waste time on the inspection, and fail to meet your flight schedule in the process.

Arrive at the Airport Early

It is practically impossible to meet your flight schedule in a rush hour. It is important to reach the airport at least two hours before your flight. The earlier you are at the airport, the better it will be for you during security checks. Arriving earlier at the airport also means avoiding crowded terminals, especially during holidays or weekends. Early arrival at the airport allows you to go through your bag and stuff and get rid of anything that will make your security checks slower and hectic.

Air travel should be comfortable and fulfilling. However, security checks can make it difficult, especially in airports with strict security measures. Understanding the tips to pass security faster and safer helps meet your flight schedule and avoid getting disappointed.