Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport Ranks 1st Among Downstate Commercial Airports in Economic Output

spacer Dec 04, 2012

Springfield’s Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (SPI) ranks 1st in generating economic impact among commercial service airports in downstate Illinois, according to a study released by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics. Springfield’s airport generates $563.6 million into the Illinois economy, well ahead of the Moline, Peoria, Bloomington and Champaign airports. This total economic impact is a combination of direct economics from on-airport business revenues, payrolls, capital expenditures, and off-airport visitor spending at locations such as hotels, tourist attractions and restaurants combined with an economic multiplier, or the re-sending of those monies into the state economy. In a statewide ranking of commercial service airport economic outputs, Springfield ranks 4th, just behind Chicago O’Hare, Chicago Midway and Rockford airports.

According to the study covering airport operations from 2010, the Springfield Airport’s total economic impact contributors included 4,797 jobs, $212.5 million in total payroll, and $563.6 million in overall total impact.

The study process, completed statewide among all 116 airports, utilized a methodology that followed FAA guidelines, and one that has been applied to State airport systems throughout the country. Funding for the study was provided by the FAA and IDOT, Division of Aeronautics. The complete study details including the executive summary, technical report and rankings can be found on-line at: http://illinoisairportsmeanbusiness.com.

“We have always known our facility had a major economic impact both locally as well as state-wide,” said Frank J. Vala, Springfield Airport Authority Board Chairman. “Besides the well-known impact our commercial air carriers provide, the other airport-based businesses, Fixed Based Operators, the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul station, educational institutions, general/business aviation users, FAA operations and the Air National Guard all contribute greatly to the local economy by their use of the airport. This recognition validates our continued investment to develop and maintain a first class facility that returns real economic value to our community.”

Total economic output ranking among downstate Illinois commercial airports are listed below:

Rank - Downstate Commercial Airports Total Economic Output

1 Springfield - $563,562,700

2 Moline - $384,916,500

3 Peoria - $294,862,600

4 Bloomington/Normal - $164,766,700

5 Champaign/Urbana - $102,760,100

6 Decatur - $ 66,230,300

7 Marion - $ 21,729,600

8 Quincy - $ 13,825,700


Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport was named the 2010 Primary Airport of the Year by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is home to the Passenger Service Center and Sky Club, a membership based club offering an unparalleled level of service for frequent travelers. More information, including a complete listing of arrivals and departures, can be found online at www.flyspi.com or by calling the Passenger Service Center at 217.788.9200.

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