Airport Authority Re-Appoints Commissioners and Officers

spacer Aug 31, 2011

The Springfield Airport Authority Board of Commissioners, at its July 19, 2011 meeting re-elected Frank Vala as Chairman of the Board and Herman Bodewes as Vice Chairman. The Board also reappointed Board Officers Mark Kinnaman as Treasurer, Richard Wray as Comptroller and R. Beverly Peters as Secretary. The Board of Commissioners consists of the following seven members: Frank Vala, Herman Bodewes, Tim Bramlet, Drinda O’Connor, Rev. Dr. Eric Hansen, Kari Selinger and Vince Toolen.

“This group of commissioners and officers has done an exemplary job over the last year as we have launched new air service to Dallas/Fort Worth on American Airlines, worked to expand service to Lakeland, Florida with Direct Air, initiated a large entrance road reconfiguration project to benefit our largest tenant, Illinois Air National Guard, and oversaw many major operational changes and capital improvements at the airport,” said Frank Vala. “I look forward to another year of growth and improvement with the same team of dedicated commissioners, officers and airport authority staff.”


Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport was named the 2010 Primary Airport of the Year by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is home to the Passenger Service Center and Sky Club, a membership based club offering an unparalleled level of service for frequent travelers. More information, including a complete listing of arrivals and departures, can be found online at or by calling the Passenger Service Center at 217.788.9200.

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